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Can I buy a car/cars which are not listed on your stocklist?
Yes, you can. Please contact us with the details of what you wish to purchase.


Do you give any warranty for the vehicles?
Yes, we do give warranty on RORO (Roll On Roll Off) vehicles. Standard warranty as approved by the Ministry of Trade. 


Can I get financing?
We can give you an invoice for you to obtain financing at any bank, credit union, or financial institution of your choosing. 


If I want to purchase a car not on your stock list, how long would it take?
Usually it takes about 4-8 weeks for a vehicle to arrive. 


What if I encounter a problem with a vehicle I purchase?
Bring it to us so we may inspect and then assist in resolving the matter. Your satisfaction is important to us. 


What if I need parts?
We also have locations that stock and sell parts for many types of vehicles. If we do not have what you need in stock, we may assist in sourcing, or possibly order from our suppliers and have it shipped for you. 


What’s the process to change vehicle ownership in Trinidad and Tobago?

      1. Complete Change of Ownership Form No. 11 (obtainable at the Port of Spain, San Fernando and Tobago Licensing offices).
      2. Submit the vehicle registration certificate and valid insurance certificate
      3. Submit a valid national ID card or passport for both the registered and new owner.
      4. Present receipt of sale (where applicable)
      5. Pay the prescribed transfer tax and fee (see section below)


How much does it cost to transfer vehicle ownership in Trinidad and Tobago?

The transfer fee is TT$10.00. The transfer taxes for all vehicles other than motor cycles vary according to the age of the vehicle as outlined below:

        1. 2 years or newer, TT$4,000.00.
        2. Over 2 years but not over 5 years, TT$4,500.00.
        3. Over 5 years but not over 7 years, TT$3,000.00.
        4. Over 7 years but not over 10 years, TT$1,350.00.
        5. Over 10 years, TT$150.00.

The taxes for motor cycles vary by engine size as outlined below.

      • 250cc or smaller, TT$150.00
      • 251cc or larger, TT$300.00


Where can I find more information?

Ministry of Works and Transport
Transport Division
Wrightson Road
Port of Spain
Trinidad, West Indies.
Tel. (868) 627-7451


Ministry of Works and Transport
Victoria East District Office
Rushworth Street
San Fernando
Trinidad, West Indies.
Phone: (868) 655  2435

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